How to Apply

Email your resume, transcripts, and writing sample.

What to Expect

“By the end of my first week, I had prepared briefs evaluating a potential cause of action, produced documents in pending litigation, and established contact with one of our most important clients. No other firm even comes close to the responsibility that C&S offers.”
— Stanford Summer, 2010

“Don't expect to sit on the sidelines at the big game; expect to help build the stadium. The depth of work given to first-year associates is unmatched by any other high-end firm.”
— First-Year Associate, 2009

“It has been an amazing experience. I was thrown right into party planning, recruiting from the top law schools in the country, meeting business executives and news reporters, and marketing a firm comprised of tremendous talent. I can't imagine a better first job.”
— First-Year Analyst, 2009



We recruit at Harvard and Texas and welcome applications from other law schools. We offer a sophisticated commercial practice in an old-fashioned, collegial environment. We frequently handle matters in the news or that involve legal issues of national importance. We look for brilliant people who are personable too.

Associates work for a particular partner or group of partners and rotate periodically. Associates should expect that the demands of the practice will consume essentially all their time, especially during the first several years. Our aim is to ensure that every associate is prepared to become in-house counsel, establish an independent practice, or join another firm as a partner after six years with us.


Analysts are recent college graduates who handle a variety of tasks for us and our clients. For example, analysts collect and review documents, track down and interview witnesses, attend and organize client functions, provide support at hearings and trials, work with the press and government agencies, and locate and work with experts.

We recruit analysts at Texas, LSU, Tulane, Auburn, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Vanderbilt, Virginia, USC, UNC, and Duke and welcome applications from other colleges. We look for people who are personable and who can get things done. We value participation in Greek life and similar extracurriculars. Being an analyst at Camara & Sibley is an ideal stop between college and business school, law school, or a business-side position with one of our clients.